You do not have to be in a team, but being part of one is fun and makes the race more interesting and enjoyable. You can enter as a member of an OPEN TEAM (any sex and age) in the 8k run, 4k run or 4k walk, or in a PRIMARY SCHOOl or HIGH SCHOOL team (both “students only”).

There must be at least 3 people in each team. Results are determined by the sum of the times for the 3 fastest team members.  Every team must have an agreed Team Name and a designated Team Leader.

It is quite easy to register a team and enter as a team member. If you are entering online, simply provide the exact team name in the ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS section.  You will also be asked for the Team Leader’s name and phone number.  It is important that every member of your team provides the exact same team name here, because this is the only way our registration system has of associating team members.  However, it is OK if only one team member provides the Leader’s name and phone contact.

The online entry system allows each team member to enter and pay the registration fee separately.  It also enables more than one person to be registered under a single credit card payment –  so you can register all or part of your team in one transaction.

Alternatively, team members can register by e-mail, post, fax or in-person using a physical entry form – see How to Enter.



We offer a special cash prize to the school(s) with the winning team in each of the two school 4k run categories – Primary School and High School.

The prizes are for the school itself (e.g. the P&C Association), and not for the individual members of the winning teams.  The amount of the prize is calculated as the sum of $20 per team member.

The entry fee is $18 for students who are under 16 on race day and $35 for those 16 or older.  If the winning school team is comprised of 50 students, the total prize would be a total of $1,000 for the school.

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