Fun Run Preparation

Fun Run Preparation


Thanks to Brad from 6X Training for providing this blog to help you prepare for the Marboura Fun Run.


What training has been done so far?

So we’re just a little more than 3 weeks out from the Maroubra fun, we should all take a closer look at our preparation to make sure we’re primed and ready for a good run and strong finish.

Training up until now would have included a combination of weights for strength, cardio both high and moderate intensity and a good stretching program. Whether you’re preparing for the 4km or 8km run your training is now ramping up to prime for what will be a great test of cardio and muscular endurance.

So what do we need to do now?

Time to drop the weights and start working on those distances. We’ve done our high intensity stuff now it’s time to use our gains to our advantage.  You’ve primed your cardiovascular system for high performance but what about endurance? Some people think that they can short cut endurance training by working to high intensity for short periods of time through HIIT Training or Tabata. These methods are great for about the time it takes to complete them but any good run often goes well beyond the 20 – 30 mins mark.

Pro Tip: Training Breakdown

70% Low-Intensity Aerobic Threshold

Efforts of an hour or longer at the fastest pace you can maintain breathing only through your nose. Right now you should be testing out distances or times of around 70% -80% total race distance or time.

20% Technique: Basic technique practice

Look at your pace, remember this isn’t a marathon but it’s not a sprint. What pace do you need to set to achieve your desired time? Work backwards from distance, to time, to pace. What does it feel like running at this pace?

5% HIIT Training

Don’t forgo all of your of your HIIT training. You’ll need this for energy levels on the big day. One session @ 30 minutes a week should be all you need.

5% Strength and Flexibility

One endurance style weight session (16-18 reps) followed by passive stretching will be all that’s required here. Long cycle Kettle Bells sessions are perfect for this.

We are now 1 week out from the run, time to taper

Training should really taper off right now with session intensity now coming right down but not to a standstill. Early week get one or two sessions of hard cardio in, staying away from the weights all together. The three days out from the event the most we should be doing is walking for the body to recover from stimulus provided the week before.

Listening to your body right now is important as any aches and pains should be looked at, a massage is a good way to address these. Oh and don’t forget to keep stretching!

Eating in the lead up will be critical

During the 2-3 days of rest before race day is a great time to start carb loading. You should have already been maintaining a protein rich diet avoiding the carbs before bed. Now is the time to enjoy those things you’ve been avoiding at dinner time, hoe in. Pasta, Rice and Potato for dinner with your usual protein quantity is what we are looking for here. Stay hydrated throughout these days avoiding being out in the sun for too long and keeping up those fluid levels.

Race Plan

Regardless of distance having a plan is pretty important. Instead of jumping out of the blocks and burring out in the first 500m consider the runs you have already performed of 70% – 80% race distance or time. Map out your pace based on the time you want to achieve considering pace throughout the run should tapper up and be maintained through to finish. Where in the run you hit your max pace will be determined by the overall distance and your experience from previous runs. Using tech such as your smart watch is brilliant for this by keeping a close eye on the distance you’ve covered.

Race day

You’ve had a good sleep but not too much. Six to eight hours is what we are looking for here, anything more will make you lethargic and wanting more sleep.

Breakfast on the day should be carb rich and dry with not too many fluids or too much protein, Weetbix anyone…

Nervs…. What nervs?

Being nervous before any run or race is normal. Being nervous is an effect from our body’s sympathetic nervous system or the flight or fight response. This can derail your performance on the day by making you peak too early due to the high adrenaline levels burning away all available glucose. Best thing to do is to acknowledge the feeling, know why it’s happening and keep your mind occupied with other things, like your race plan.

That was great!

You’ve bossed it and you enjoyed every minute. Now it’s time to rehydrate. Straight into the fluids and stretching. This is what sugary drinks were meant for so get it into you but one will be enough.

Stay out of the sun while you cool down and stretch out your quads, hamstrings and glutes. At least 15 mins … at least!! Use this time to reflect on your run and to see what modifications to your plan or preparation will be required for next time. Again, listening to your body will be important here, any aches or pains are signs of opportunity in our fitness.

Come and visit 6X

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